Annotated Bibliography and MLA Citations

Once you have read the text, then you will need to begin your exploration of the criticism provided in the Norton Anthology. First you should brainstorm what aspect of the text you found most interesting and what you most want to read more about. Read through the table of contents carefully and decide which of the essays best fits what you want to learn more about. Next you will need to read the essay and annotate (make notes in the margin) about key ideas that connect to the topic you are interested in. Remember, all of the work on your blog, including this assignment, is designed to help you develop your ideas for your Research Paper.

Review the description of Annotated Bibliography (that we discussed in class) here: What is an Annotated Bibliography?

Title your blog post Annotated Bibliography. At top put the citation that you will later list on your Works Cited page. This will both save you time later and help you to organize your citation information. Next, Paraphrase the section of the essay you found most applicable to your topic. After your Paraphrase, include quotations that you might consider using in your paper. Include the proper MLA citation after each of the excerpts.

If you want help with the formatting of the citation, feel free to use the Easy Bib link below to create the properly formatted (make sure to click on MLA) citation. The program will allow you to save this information in a list and you can also cut and paste the properly formatted citation into your Annotated Bibliography post.  Easy Bib 

All Research Papers must be accompanied by a properly formatted Works Cited page that includes at least two scholarly articles in addition to the Scarlet Letter. Your paper should incorporate evidence and in-text citations that reference at least one of these articles.

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