Welcome to Spring 2013!

Dear Students,

I am looking forward to helping you achieve your goals this semester! I use this site for all of my classes, so feel free to ask me about which page I displayed in your class if you are interested in reviewing the information again.

Or, if you are absent, please ask me for the course lesson number and I will direct you accordingly. Remember, the real learning occurs during our classroom activities and the lesson is only a launching off point, so you will need to discuss with your classmates what else you missed or come and see me during my office hours.

I have posted a copy of all of my course syllabi for this semester at the following link. You will need to make sure you check the title of the syllabus and download the appropriate syllabus. If you lose your copy during the semester, then please download and print another copy.

Please click this link and scroll down to the attachments (at the bottom of the page) to download your class syllabus. All students are required to bring a copy of the course syllabus to each class meeting.

Together, we will make this a great semester!


Punctuation Resource

Grammar Resource

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