Homework Update: For the Post Due Sunday, April 21

Since we were not able to practice the RA in class using the Rereading America articles on Thursday as planned, I would like to give you a different option for Sunday's post.

If you feel comfortable analyzing one of the articles rhetorically (which means identifying the purpose, audience, and identifying the modes the author used to convey his/her message using the handout that I gave you), then by all means go ahead and post a RA, but if this sounds daunting, then, alternatively, please respond to the following prompt in your post:

If I could change anything in my society/community, I would change...

Writing on this prompt will hopefully lead you toward the topic of your Final Formal paper, in which you will argue persuasively for or against something. Please read the assignment description handout for more information on this project.

In class, we will continue discussing the themes of gender, violence, family and culture, only this time we will critically examine American culture, so you might want to think about these topic areas when you write on Sunday.

Also, I have created a wall that I would like ALL of you to 'graffiti' by adding a brief response to the above prompt. To graffiti the wall, all you do is click on the wall and enter your name and writing in the box that appears.

Here is the link to the Composition1a Wall

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